Here are just a few of the comments received from people we have helped.

My son, Jack really was engaged and we chatted lots about the charity at home. He really thought about the whole family and I think he is in awe of Harry and also his twin brother “who’s kind of like his big brother as well”. Your assembly clearly gave perspective; giving Harry a strong voice and also helping children understand the role of siblings and parents. Children have wonderful hearts and you’ve really done a fabulous job in helping them to use their hearts when they are developing their minds. Thank you.

R. Holdcroft

My two children, Jake (y5) and Sophia (y3) could not wait to tell me about your visit. It prompted so much positive conversation about society and how people can treat us differently depending on how we look.
My son Jake rarely has anything positive to say about school but the visit really engaged him so much so that he has been watching your YouTube channel.
It so refreshing to see a Mum addressing real issues such as preconceptions and stereotypes. This is especially pertinent in the era of social media and unreal expectations of how people should look.
After watching your YouTube videos, as a Mum, I want to applaud what an amazing family you all are. Harry is a credit to you all.

N. Marie

After attending an assembly and workshop with Charlie from the charity ‘More than a Face’ my children came home bursting with positivity and enthusiasm. They instantly fell in love with Harry and really enjoyed learning all about him. They were able to talk about how their actions may impact a persons feelings and that we shouldn’t judge others based purely on their physical appearance. They were also keen to tell me how important it is to smile.
As a family we have always discussed the fact that we are all unique and how it is important to be polite and caring towards others however, hearing the first hand experiences of Charlie and her family has really put this in to context for them. They enjoyed every minute of the day and learnt so much. I am so proud of their attitude and so thankful to this fabulous charity for helping to equip my children with the tools to be even better than they are already.

L. Richards

I was extremely fortunate to get the chance to observe Charlie in action at my boys school and I was impressed with how well she managed to convey her message of acceptance in a way that was engaging and thought provoking for all children from reception to year 6. The children were captivated from the start and had some fantastic questions that Charlie was able to answer with ease and I think its fair to say that every child (and teacher) left hat assembly in awe of Harry, his humour and his talents! In 30 minutes Charlie managed to address and achieve more changes in preconceptions and attitudes than some people can achieve in years!
Reece prefers Maths to English so when he came home all excited after the workshop I was thrilled that his imagination had been sparked and he was engaging with a piece of English work so enthusiastically!

Mrs Terri Brown

Mum to Reece (8)

Connor was captivated by the assembly and has mentioned Oliver and Harry several times since. He has asked to watch more YouTube videos of the boys and has educated me and his Mum on Harry’s life. Raising awareness and acceptance from such a young age is so important!

Mr Billy Brown

Dad to Connor (5)

I want to say a huge thank you to Charlie. I think her work is absolutely amazing. She really touched the heart of my son Haydon who is 8 years old. H came home from school after her assembly and spoke so passionately about Harry’s facial difference and how he learnt not to judge people by their appearance! He spoke so highly of how happy and talented Harry is. I honestly believe as his mum he took so much away from the visit. I was actually quite emotional with how passionately he spoke about Harry.
We have been watching Harry on YouTube every day since! Charlies work is powerful and essential for children of all ages to understand. Thank you Charlie!

Camilla Ulysses

Mum of Haydon aged 8

My daughter said that Charlie’s assembly really made her think about how the friends and family of children and adults like Harry also feel and that in most cases its OK to ask some questions. I thought that was really great. What surprised me most was that she said even the boys who would have made nasty comments were really listening to what Charlie had to say and that it made them think differently about children like harry. The assembly clearly had a huge impact on everyone who was there.

Julie Fallows

Mum of Lilly aged 13