Here are just a few of the comments received from people we have helped.

What the staff said…

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. It has been amazing to see them engage with and think about Harrys life. It has brought home to them the difference they can make in the lives of others. I really think this experience will affect them for a long time. You have inspired them to think outside the norm and to “choose kind”. Thank you for giving them this experience. – Miss Lally

Truly inspiring and just absolutely amazing! It has been one of the best mornings of my teaching career and certainly made an impact on the children. It has given them food for thought. The children have learnt so much and the day will help them to look at themselves to see they are being the best and kindest person they can be. Simply, thank you. Miss Gibson (year 5)

What the students said…

Its been really good learning about Harry and how he feels. Its been an interesting and fun day and I think its important to stop people being mean. Its fabulous that we are in Harrys army because we can change the world together – Gary Year 5

Its been really good to learn about people who are different and I know that being different is what makes you, you. The assembly and workshops will definitely help people treat each other better – Jasmine

All Saints Academy


What the staff said…

The assembly was inspirational for the children and certainly food for thought. The children were engrossed, and it has prompted them to already use their random acts of kindness. The classroom activity questioned what the children had learnt. Thank you. Rob Harrison Year 3 teacher

The children at Endon Hall were totally inspired by your assembly and class workshops. Your stories about Harry prompted such well thought out questions. The children were so motivated to talk and write a letter to Harry. Thank you for today. Jan Leese

So humbling! Your clear presentation of something so personal was inspiring and thought provoking. Through you, I feel we have had the chance to meet Harry – your unique son. The impact of your presentation was profound in the individual responses made by the children in class. Children who don’t usually take part were fully involved. Children who find communication a challenge were eloquent. Heart-warming, challenging and a reminder to us all to look beyond the face. Thank you! Alison Plant, Science Teacher

Such an inspirational talk and so important for modern life. It has really brought the book ‘wonder’ to life and I feel all the children have been inspired to ‘choose kind’. Thank you for giving up your time. Miss Franklin Year 5

What the students said…

I thought it was fun and interesting to learn about children like Harry and I have been inspired to help other children in need. I think people should learn about Harry so they can support him and help him. Jack Year 3

It was really interesting to learn about others who have difficult lives but still laugh and have fun. Its important to learn about others so we know how to treat them because its who they are on the inside that really counts. Ava Year 4

It was really interesting to hear what it is like for a family with someone different unlike in Wonder which is just what the author thinks life is like. It really good to compare the two and helps me to understand better. Harry Year 5

Endon Hall Primary School


What the staff said…

Thank you for a fantastic assembly and workshop. The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about how wonderful Harry is and how important it is not to judge people for being different. We have all learned a lot today. Thank you! Miss Stone Y3

Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us today. I thought it was amazing and you spoke so passionately about your life. The children in the school benefited from such an honest assembly spoken from the heart. It is all too easy for children to laugh and point as unfortunately nobody takes the time to help educate them and explain how to behave until you did! Many many thanks for taking the time to visit us. Helen Gregory Year 4

The assembly was delivered in such a lovely manner that the messages that you were delivering were positively received. Your manner with the children was lovely and your passion for the cause was evident to all. Thank you for sharing your story; Harry is a delight and you are an inspirational person. J Garside, Head of School.

What the students said…

The day was really really good! A world where we are all the same would be boring. I love that Harry has gone through a lot but he’s still a happy boy. Isabel Year 3

Learning about Harry has inspired me to want to help others who are bullied because they are different! Molly-Jean Year 3

It was really interesting learning about your lives and the ways we can help Harry. It will help children to know when to do when they meet someone who is different and it helps us to be aware of what others go through. Hermione Year 4

I really enjoyed today. It’s given me a deeper insight into syndromes like Harry’s. Its so important to encourage acceptance of each other. Alice Year 5

I learnt a lot today and if I saw someone with a disability now I would smile, be kind and stand up for them. Toby Year 5

Greenways Primary School


What the staff said…

Such an inspiration especially for our children. An amazing, very moving story which is making an impact with both adults and children.
Rebecca Hamer-Bear Year 4

The assembly was inspirational, and the workshop was excellent. It has really encouraged our children to think differently. Thank you.
Mr Milner Year 5

What the students said…

An amazing charity helping people to accept harry and anyone who may look different. I think its amazing that he taught himself to play the piano when he was just two! Alex, year 4

I think you are very brave to tell us about Harry. He’s really nice and it showed me how cruel people can be. You shouldn’t judge people because we don’t know what they are like on the inside. Kacey Year 6

Maple Court Primary school


Charlie created a fantastic programme for our wellbeing day which had hard hitting messages delivered with sensitivity around disability, acceptance, the power of social media and the legacy of cruelty and kindness.

An incredibly moving speaker sharing her powerful, honest and inspiring story that made an impact with both staff and children. Highly recommended!

Sophie Cox, Assistant Head, Forest Park Primary School

Wow!So inspirational and thought provoking. Incredibly moving and touching. Pitched at just the right level for the audience which kept them engaged and interested. Excellent questions at the end and great interaction with the pupils.

David Taylor, TA, Carmountside Primary School

Seven Stars collaborative schools’ network

What the staff said…

Such an inspiring morning, thank you! We all learnt so much. The children are motivated and eager to join ‘Harrys Army’ but more importantly to accept people no matter what. – Support staff

Wow! What an inspiring and informative morning. The children have learnt so much and have been completely engrossed in what you had to say. Thank you so much to you, Oliver and Harry – you have definitely gained 25 more members of ‘Harrys army’ –

Rob Goodwin, Y5/6 teacher

What the students said…

The assembly that was presented to us this morning was incredibly inspirational and I think that it taught everyone to never judge someone by their looks. The workshop was loads of fun too. Thank you! Elody Year 5

The morning has been great. You are so right to stand up and fight for people like Harry. It’s very inspiring! Dan Year 6

Our Lady of Grace


What the staff said…

The assembly was different to anything we have had before in school. The children and staff learnt so much about embracing our differences and looking out for one another, no matter who we are or what we look like. Thank you! Staff

What a fantastic assembly and workshop. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about your family as did I. It was both emotional and funny at times and most certainly thought provoking. We’ve all learnt a lot from your family about resilience and how to treat others. I know the children will take forward what they have learnt. Perfect for e-safety week too!
Mrs Mortimer Year 6

What the students said…

The assembly was interesting, amazing and inspiring. One of the best we’ve had! The workshops were fun and help people to learn that all that matters is personality – Ffion, William, Sophie, Waliyah, Annabella, Oliver Year 4

It was touching to get to know Harrys story. It was brilliant to see how Oliver handles it all and it made me realise how a family can be affected. It makes people realise that you might have challenges but you can overcome them. ‘Harrys Army’ gives us the idea on how to support Harry. – Darcie Year 5

St Marys Catholic Primary School

Stoke on Trent

What the staff said…

What an amazing way to teach children how to be kind and respectful to each other. It also shows them to appreciate people for their personality and personal qualities.
Miss Wilson Year 3

An inspiring assembly and workshop. The children are motivated and enthusiastic about changing their own and others mindsets. Thank you!
Miss Heath Year 3

What the students said…

The day helps people to realise that we should accept each other no matter how they look. I think Harry is brave and unique and I would give the day 10/10. Lilac Year 5

I learned about Goldenhar syndrome and he ways that people can be mean sometimes. I know now that sometimes people have to go through hard things but it can make people stronger. I really liked the assembly and I’m sure that everyone learned something new. Sona Year 5

The day was really inspiring because now I know what to do if I see someone who looks different. 10/10 – Kacy Year 6

Its made me realise how lucky we are and people like Harry are still smiling even though hes had his problems. I’m really grateful you came in. Kyle Year 6

What the parents said…

I cannot tell you how much Finn loved your visit yesterday. He was both moved and inspired by your story and has not stopped talking about you and your lovely boys since. I would say there must have been some magic in the way that assembly and workshop was delivered because I have never seen Finn so inspired and enthused. So, thank you for taking the time to speak to our children yesterday. Thank you for consolidating everything I’ve ever wanted Finn to believe….and thank you for ‘the best workshop ever!’ (That last one is from Finn) sending much love and best wishes to you all xx ~ Jenny

As soon as my son Ryley came out of school he told me all about you and your son Harry, describing him, his life, his many operations and some of the nasty abuse you have received on social media. Tonight cooking tea Ryley shouted me and he had found you Harry and Oliver on you tube, we sat together over an hour watching your videos and it brought a tear to my eye, I think you are amazing, I think it’s brilliant how you are educating children in schools about Harry’s condition and about others been different too , children and adults can be so judgemental and shallow towards people who look and act slightly different which is so sad, so I just want you to know your visit today at Ryleys school really made a positive imprint and Ryley and his friends really listened to you and hopefully learned to treat and love everyone all the same ~ Anita

Milton Academy

Stoke on Trent

What the staff said…

How lovely to see the children being so empathetic. Thank you for encouraging them to show kindness to everybody and not judge a book by its cover.
S Frodsham Year 3 teacher

A fantastic morning! Thank you for sharing your story and introducing us all to Harry. Inspiring St Peter’s students to show kindness and empathy is just brilliant! Fantastic workshops on writing too!
J Balzarano Year 4 staff

This was a very enlightening assembly that clearly touched the children, who showed great empathy. He workshop enabled the children to have deeper discussions about embracing differences which is part of our PSHE curriculum. Super writing tips too! Thank you so much for sharing your personal story with the staff and children at
St Peter’s – Staff member

Absolutely fabulous opportunity for children to learn about respect and how we are all different. The children were able to see the affects others comments can have on people particularly with cyber bullying. Invaluable experience, thank you!
Staff member

Brilliant opportunity for our children to learn about respecting others! All of our children were engaged and we all enjoyed the experience. Thank you for sharing your story with us!

What the students said…

The assembly was really good because it taught us to be respectful to others who are different! – Rahab Year 3

The assembly was lovely. I learned not to judge people. I was surprised that Harry was born like that but I know now that he’s brave and talented! – Ahyaan Year 4

Today I learned that the inside and what you are like is the most important thing. I think Harry could be a good friend. – Linda Year 4

If you didn’t raise awareness of Harry then people wouldn’t know about him. It helps people to imagine what he’s feeling and what he’s like. – Andre Year 5

I was disgusted by the things that people say. Others should learn that just because he looks different, its his personality that matters. Your work is great and people need to change. – Mya Year 5

The day has been really good because its taught me so much. I’ve learned about Goldenhar syndrome and Autism and how it affects people differently. I think your work helps people to understand and see that Harry is perfect in his way. 10/10! – Vina Year 6

I felt sad for Harry at first but after seeing him on YouTube I know that he’s fun and funny! A really good day. I think everyone should see Harry how we see him now. 10/10! – Zohura Year 6

St Peter’s Catholic Academy

Stoke on Trent

What the students said…

I thought it was very interesting. Its not something you think about on a day to day basis but after assemblies like this it makes you realise what other people go through and appreciate your own life.  – Danielle Year6

The assembly was really interesting. Harrys story could be sad but we saw the fun and funny side of it too. I think it will make people kinder to those who have syndromes. The letter was good because we were able to ask Harry our questions. – Jared Year 4

The day has been really good. I wasn’t expecting to find out so much about Harry. Its important that people learn that it doesn’t matter what you look like. I think the letter was good because Harry can learn about us too. – Casper Year 3

The day was amazing! Harry sounds like a lovely boy. I liked watching him playing the piano. It helps other children to learn not to make fun of people like Harry. The letter really made me think about him. – India Year 3

A huge thank you to Charlie for todays assembly and class workshops. It was wonderful to see the discussion that was taking place amongst the children and the language that they used in the letters. The format of the assembly was brilliant and gave me, as an adult, things to think about. I know our children will walk away from today and feedback to others with passion and enthusiasm for ‘Harrys Army’.  – Rebecca Stringer Year 6

The assembly was well paced, engaging and dusted with humour. It was fantastic to see all our children engaged and wanting to talk about Harry. The concept of Harrys Army is fantastic and something the children can carry forward. And what a fantastic Mum Harry has!  – Janine Lees, Year 3 Inclusion Support.

Packmoor Ormiston Academy

Stoke on Trent

What the staff said…

A huge thank you to Charlie for visiting and sharing her story with us today. I was lovely to see her speak so openly about her family and their journey and this gave the children in the assembly and writing workshops the confidence to ask questions they might normally think they shouldn’t ask.

The topic linked perfectly with our anti-bullying week and this is something that we can now talk more about in school (especially standing up and going against the crowd!) The writing workshop was also fab and encouraged children – who might not love writing – that their writing is special. A massive thank you again.
Vicky Booth Year 4/5 teacher.

I found Charlie’s inspirational story of her lovely family very interesting and have enjoyed seeing the children respond to the assemblies and workshops. The link to cyber-bullying was excellent and much needed. I’m sure it will have a huge impact. I loved the format of the morning and the activities that the children completed. I know that the children will take home many messages from the morning which will help them throughout their life to interact kindly with others.
Heather Darlington Year 5/6 teacher

What the students said…

I liked the assembly because it taught me not to judge a book by its cover especially someone who looks different. I liked how you opened up to people – I don’t think I could do that! The activity was good because it made people more aware of what’s going on on the internet. – Luke Year 6

The day was very informative and you know all about how important it is to see people on the inside because of your experiences. It good to share those experiences. I think cyber bullies are insecure about themselves and jealous of others and their lives. – Daisy, Year 6

The assembly was really interesting and I learned that words CAN hurt people. Also, that Harry is a really talented boy! The letter was good fun because I liked writing to Harry. – Tilly Year 4

Thumbs up for the assembly because it was awesome! No matter what you look like you’re still beautiful in your own way. I liked telling Harry about my life as well. – Levi Year 4

Woodcocks Well

Mow Cop, Stoke on Trent

What the staff said…

An inspirational and eye opening day for the children with great activities!
Mr Stanway, Year 4

I’ve been teaching for 32 years and I don’t think Ive ever seen something so honest, moving and powerful!
Mr Collier, Assistant Head Teacher

I’m not sure how Charlie managed to tell her story so positively and without crying! Both the staff and the children were moved and inspired to make a difference. A very powerful day and incredible value!
Mrs Wood, Year 5

What the students said…

The assembly was amazing. We got to learn about life when you look different and I learned a lot. The letter was fun because we got to remember the different things about Harry. – Francesca Year 3

The assembly was one of the best we’ve ever had! Charlie was really honest and that helped me to understand more. The letter is good because I have lots to tell Harry. – Lucas Year 3

I learned a lot about Harry. The letter is a good idea and lots of fun! – Alycia Year 4

I learned a lot about Harry and I’ve learned that you should see people for who they are on the inside. The letter is really good and Harry can learn about us like we are learning about him.  – Archie, Year 4

The day shows that you are perfect as you are and we shouldn’t be judging each other. We’re all different and that’s a good thing! The activity shows that we have to stand up for what’s right. I really enjoyed the day and how honest Charlie was. People who are different can always make a difference.  – Georgia, Year 5

The assembly was very inspiration and gave people the chance to learn more. It helps people to put themselves in other people’s shoes and think about how our actions can make other people feel. The letter was great and it made me feel like I could make a difference. – Max Year 5

It was really interesting to find out what Harry was like and what he’s had to go through. It helped my understanding and the activity made me think about how to explain things. – Joe Year 6

The assembly was very inspiring. It shows that even if you are different you can still do as much as anyone else. The activity helps you to imagine how you would feel if you were in Harry’s position. – Charlotte Year 6

Brereton C of E Primary School

Birches Head, Stoke on Trent

What the staff said…

Such a fantastic experience and lesson for the children. The assembly was engaging, emotional and very educational but in a simplified manner. This has sparked a new understanding in our children that will hopefully impact their generation and the future. A fantastic overall message with true purpose. I love the work of this charity!
Miss Rushton Y4

Such an inspirational assembly and creative writing lesson sharing the experiences and knowledge of Harry and facial difference along with being relevant and aware of other children with additional needs. It sparked many emotions and expressed how important inclusion in.
Miss Meaney and Mrs Baddley Y3

We started with a truly inspirational assembly, not just for not only the children, but also the adults. It was pitched right and all of the children gained a lot. The questions the children had at the end showed this. For the rest of the day, Charlie worked with each of our key stage 2 classes. All of the children were engaged in these sessions and enjoyed the writing tasks. After speaking to the children today, they have taken away a number of things: they are part of Harry’s army; share a smile and a thumbs up; say hi; it doesn’t matter what we look like, we are all the same.
Dawn Farmer, Head Teacher

What the students said…

The day showed us that everyone is different and it doesn’t matter what they are like on the outside, its whats on the inside. I liked the letter because I enjoyed standing up for people like Harry. – Lottie Y6

It was really inspirational not just knowing that people are different but what they are like. The task was so real and its horrible what people will say and do to others just because they are different. – Amelia Y6

Really interesting. Its helped me to learn about Harry and that he should be accepted in everyone’s life because he’s just like us. The messages that people send are horrible. – Enrique Y5

I’d give the day ten out of ten because Harry is part of Gods family like everyone else and he shouldn’t be left out. I learned that a smile or a thumb’s up is really kind and helps a lot!  – Niamh Y5

The assembly was brilliant because you taught people the right ways of treating others with a disability. Writing the letter was good because we can tell Harry that we care. – Erin Y4

My favourite part of the day was the assembly because it was really interesting and it helped me to learn never to judge people on what they look like. – George Y3

St George and St Martin Catholic Academy

Birches Head, Stoke on Trent

What the students said…

Charlie described her life with her boys really well. I think shes brave and special.There’s no-one like her in the world. The author workshop was really good fun because we’ve never done anything like that before – ASIDAH YEAR6

Charlie didn’t get emotional even though she was really honest!
I like that she made a story up with us all together instead of just telling us what to do. That was really good! – PIP YEAR 5

I think the assembly was really interesting because I’d never heard of Goldenhar syndrome before. It was good fun writing our own story with Charlie and I will remember that planning is really important!  – EDWARD YEAR 6

Hassell Community School

Newcastle Under Lyme