Who processes your information?
More Than a Face is the data controller for the personal details that are given to the organisation. This means that the organisation determines the purposes for which and the manner in which any personal data relating to those who have supported the organisation is to be processed.
Your data will never be outsourced to third parties.

Why do we collect and use your information?
We collect and use personal data in order to record the numbers of people we are engaging with, assess the impact that the organisation is making, to promote the work the organisation is doing, to keep records of schools visited and to issue any prizes to pupils. It is important to note that we never need full names or any identifiable details such as date of birth or address.

Which data is collected?
The categories of student information that the organisation collects, holds and shares include the following:

  • Name and location of school
  • Numbers of pupils/students in a particular year group
  • First name only of pupil/student
  • Photographs of pupils in accordance with the schools’ own publicity permission information.
  • Photographs of groups of pupils from the back of the hall /room as they face the front.
  • Year group of pupil / student
  • Opinions of pupils/students and staff

How long is your data stored for?
Opinions given as quotes which are shared to the website will remain there indefinitely unless a written request is received to remove it.
Anonymous raw data from pre and post questionnaires will be stored for 5 years but the findings collated as a result of the questionnaires will be retained indefinitely as they build a picture of the work over time. Any forms which are identifiable will be disposed of immediately after statistical analysis.
What are your rights?
Parents, pupils/students and professionals working with the organisation have the following rights in relation to the processing of their personal data.

You have the right to :

  • Be informed about how More Than a Face uses your personal data
  • Request access to the personal data that More Than a Face holds
  • Request that your personal data is amended where it is inaccurate or incomplete
  • Request that your personal data is erased where there is no compelling reason for its continued processing
  • Request that the processing of your data is restricted
  • Object to your personal data being processed

Where the processing of your data is based on your consent you have the right to withdraw this consent at any time.  You can manage your data we may have collected using these tools.

If you have any questions at all please contact Charlene Beswick on